Coldwell panels are unique tongue and groove joinery for air tight,effective panel -to -panel interlocking that is easy to install  and provide an effective seal.Two types of panel single groove and double groove systems are offered.While single groove panels are suitable for general purpose wall applications in building and shelters.Double groove panel are recommended for Cold room and Cold chamber applications that need sub-zero internal temperatures.Double groove alignment ensures precise interlocking ,dimensional accuracy and also eliminates risk of air gaps and thermal bridging. Coldwell panels in higher thickness are self supporting free standing upto 10 metres.All joints are covered with flashings.Structural framing is not always necessary. Rockwool Panels are available in Coldwell 1 category.


Thickness(mm) Coldwell 1 30,40,50,60,80,100 mm 50,60,80,100,120 mm
  Coldwell 2 80,100,120,150 mm


Outer Skin : 3 types of Rib Configurations : Micro-rib, Wave, Mini box.

Facing Options : Pre-painted Galvanised Steel / Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Craft Paper. Perforated metal sheet can also be offered as inner skin for acoustic applications. Special coating can be offered for large projects.